Brake System制动系

The  brake system is the most important system on your car.制动系统是你车上最重要的系统。

If your brakes don’t work properly,the result can be disastrous,so good brakes are essential for safety.如果你的制动系统不能正常工作,结果会是灾难性的,所以良好的制动系统对安全至关重要。

There are two completely independent braking systems on a car.在汽车上有两套完全独立的刹车系统。

One is the service brake and the other is parking brake.一种是行车制动,另外一种是驻车制动。

The service brake system is the main braking system used to stop or slow down your car during normal driving.行车制动系统是主要的刹车系统,用在正常驾驶时停止或者减速你的车。

It is foot-operated by the driver depressing and releasing the brake pedal.行车制动通过脚踩刹车踏板或者脚松开刹车踏板来操作的。

The parking brake’s purposes are to hold a car stationary while it is unattended,and to keep the car from rolling on unleveled ground.当车没人时,驻车制动用于保持车静止,还有就是防止车在斜坡上滑动。

It is also called the hand brake.驻车制动也被称为手刹。

Basically,all car brakes are friction brakes.总体来说,所有的车都是摩擦制动。

When the driver applies the brake,the control device forces brake shoes,or pads,against the rotating brake drums or disks at wheels.当司机刹车时,刹车系统里会产生一种力,这种力迫使制动蹄或者制动片摩擦车轮上滚动的制动鼓或者制动盘(从而减速制动)。

Friction between the shoes or pads and the drums or disks then slows or stops the wheels so that the car is braked.制动蹄与制动鼓的摩擦,制动块与制动盘的摩擦使车轮减速或者停止,车就这样被制动了。

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